Learning and Coaching

Organizations need to consistently engage with their employees on the learning front in order to improve productivity. Employees want to grow their skills in a meaningful, practical way, but not in a pressure filled process. Shepherd offers features that allows employees and management to easily locate, discuss, share, rate, and recommend e-learning and training content with their co-workers and subordinates. Shepherd delivers a rich and meaningful learning experience for everyone in your organization. Shepherd enables managers and company leaders to promote ongoing learning campaigns while delegating employee mentors to create a coaching regiment for skill development.

Learning Systems

Shepherd offers a software that supports the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of all learning, training and coaching activities and programs within your organization. Shepherd enables your organization to deliver learning materials to employees, administer tests and other assignments, track employee learning and training progress and manage record keeping. Shepherd supports a range of uses from acting as a platform for online courses to implementing blended learning and much more.

Developing Strategies

Integrated with Shepherd's performance management, succession planning and career development modules, Shepherd allows HR and management to map out employee development plans. By doing so, HR and management can link an array of different learning, training and coaching activities to specific employee development plans as part of their learning and development strategies. Learning activities include completion of online or instructor based training courses, degree attainments, certifications and much more.

Coaching & Mentoring

Shepherd allows HR and management to assign and implement various coaching and mentoring strategies. It facilitates the exploration of employee performance, needs, motivations, skills and thought processes in order to identify and assign suitable coaches and mentors. Shepherd allows your organization to creatively facilitate tools and techniques which may include one-to-one training, counselling, networking and coaching sessions within your organization. With Shepherd's analysis, HR and management can seamlessly evaluate the outcomes of the processes using objective measures wherever possible.

Strategic Content Targeting

With Shepherd HR and management are provided a tool that allows them to define employee segments, employees could be categorized based on departments, roles or responsibilities. HR and management are then able to share relevant and meaningful content based on the defined audience it applies to. Shepherd provides a flexible way of aligning different types of content, learning and training activities with groups that it is applicable to. This feature ensures that your organization is maximizing on its learning and training efforts by ensuring that the right material is focused to the right people.


Shepherd’s built-in certification feature ensures that HR and management proactively track employee’s compulsory certifications and licenses, professional credits, and continuing education mandates, whether they are expiring or new credentials are needed. Upcoming expiration and renewals are automatically notified to HR, management, and the employees themselves to guarantee companies remain in compliance and employees are up-to-date