Employee Self Service

Employee engagement should ripple through your organization, and what better way to ensure this than Shepherds Self Service Module. By offering your employees a quick visualization of their time, attendance, career development and performance, you ultimately allow them to self assess their progress within your organization, Shepherd allows your workforce to adopt initiative, compliance and motivation. Put your faith into your workforce, and they will put their faith and loyalty into your organization.

Data Visualization

Shepherd presents a unique user experience, employees interact with a sleek, new practical way of tracking their organizational progress. It provides intuitive real-time interactive infographics, tables, and charts that are updated regularly and automatically. Shepherd ensures your employees are consistently acquainted with your company’s culture, mission and vision. Employees are offered the ability to speed up the process of sending requests,managing their tasks and tracking their performance. Shepherd provides an all-inclusive dashboard design that provides a complete summary of the "My 365" feature in whole. 

360 Personal Profiles

Employee personal profiles contain all employee general, personal and contact information. Shepherd’s intuitive interface categorizes and displays features and responsibilites for each employee’s job. The profile is restructured in real-time as employment specifics and job duties are updated.

Employees can access relevant data including the length of time they have been a part of the organization, how much time off and overtime has been accrued, and how many sick or personal days are available for leave. Each employee can review and prioritize the tasks assigned by management or themselves.

Time & Attendance

Shepherd enables employees to create and submit a daily or weekly work timesheet from any device as well as track and review their attendance by using simple check-ins and checkouts with automatic date/time stamps. This provides your employee with greater insight about their hours and attendance. 

The Time and Attendence feature automatically integrates and syncs with the payroll, billing and project management modules to ensure compliance.

Requests & Escalations

Shepherd offers employees the accessibility to effortlessly track and review their time off accrued, used or days available for sick leave. Employees can generate and send automated requests utilizing a real-time online calendar from any device this includes requests for paid time off and much more.

HR and management is able to approve or deny the requests while on the go from any device. Integrated calendars enable management to easily track and compare their employees time off, travel, and meeting schedules while utilize aggregated reports.

Task Manager

Shepherd’s intuitive task manager is integrated into every aspect of the system. It facilitates a company’s workforce to enhance planning, staffing, tracking, and managing projects.

Managers can easily allocate tasks and designate the numbers of work hours and resources needed per project and employees are able to check off tasks as they are completed. If new talent is required to execute a project, project requests are linked with the Shepherd hiring module.

Notification System

Shepherd’s notification system is a key element developed in order to optimize task management and operational progress.

Employees will receive organized notifications and reminders for all-important notices, enabling them to prioritize and execute accordingly- HR and management are consistently kept notified and aware of all ongoing processes, tasks and announcements being administered. 

Employees can readily review and accept notifications, set calendar reminders, and respond to incoming requests. Notifications have proved to be essential to guarantee that no task or duty has been left overlooked or incomplete.

Performance Management

Shepherd encourages management and HR to rate and catalog employee’s performance metrics throughout the year and while promotions are being considered.

Employees and management are constantly given access to employee performance reviews, incorporating visibility and transparency into each employee’s competencies and achievements.

Management is able edit or add remarks and rate each task completion and employee accomplishment, notifiying the employee on his overall task and performance metrics.

Training & Development

The Integrated Training module allows employees to clearly track and evaluate their learning and development, allowing them to enroll in upcoming development programs, mentoring and leadership training. This leaves your employees aware of all opportunities for improvement and gained certification.

Shepherd has revolutionized the method of tracking and assigning resources needed in order to advance employess performance through training and advancement while on the go from any device.

Corporate Structure

Employees can utilize an interactive visual interface that brings to life, exposes and displays their company’s entire corporate structure; this feature enables your employee’s to constantly keep informed who their subordinates and superiors are. Ensuring that they are constantly aligned and aware of any changes in the organizational structure.

Collaboration & Communication

Shepherds elaborate collaboration system is designed to help ease communication between employees while saving time and stress.

Task completion and performance are linked to employee attendance and expenses, which are concurrent to the billing and hiring modules to ensure that HR, employees and management are operating flexibly and communicating proficiently.

Shepherd offers an instant messenger with video and voice chat features that allows for internal communication with fellow co-workers and management.