Human Capital Manager

Since people are your organization's most important asset it is essential to manage them proactively and efficiently. Shepherd enables you to do so by empowering your workforce, motivating their capabilities and applying a consistent, engaging social experience across all your organization. Allowing you to transform the way you relate to your team, By offering you in depth visibility within all of your organization, Shepherd has brought back the Human to HR.

All About Your Human Capital Management

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Data Visualization

Shepherd has created a one-of-kind user experience to give your organization a revolutionary and sleek way of viewing and tracking your workforce. Intuitive Interactive infographics, tables, and charts are constantly updated in real-time to help HR and management easily assess and understand all the facets of their workforce. Shepherd organizes all employee related data and displays it flawlessly.

Employee 360 Profile

Shepherd's 360 personal profiles enables employees and management to constantly remain engaged and informed about company processes and relevant information. Constantly aligning your workforce with your company’s vision and strategic goals. 

Shepherd empowers your employees to feel more attuned making them more likely to exhibit loyalty; your company saves time, capital and ultimately reduces its turnover rates.

Each employee’s 360 profile has a simple interface that displays all aspects of their job and task management processes; Their profile constantly updates them and management on any employment changes or job duties.


Benefits Administration

Benefits administration can be cumbersome and complex, the Shepherd benefit administration feature equips HR to examine and compare benefit plans, costs, eligibility rules, and selections.

Shepherd’s platform is integrated with hundreds of benefits providers and allows your company to embrace and apply new and emerging regulations. Once health, retirement, insurance, wellness, and life benefit plans are designed, Shepherd assists HR in implementing, managing, defining, and adjusting those plans.

Shepherd helps HR develop a deeper knowledge of plan providers, employee counts, cross-plan dependencies, and overall costs associated with benefits administration, in addition to eliminating manual audits.

Asset Inventory Management

The built-in asset inventory feature allows organizations to automatically track each individual employee’s organizational assets in possession, making tracking easier for future inventory needs, and setting inventory procurement procedures.

HR and management can effortlessly designate assets to specific locations based on usage requirements.Real-time data enables macro visibility of a company’s inventory valuations and needs by location, unit, or employee.

Requests & Escalations

HR and management can easily access, view, approve or deny all employee requests. Whether it be a requests to take a day off, upgrade an asset, add a dependent or change an employees basic info, all incoming requests automatically signal a notification to all parties involved in the approval process, this is done to assure that no request is left unaccounted for and is ultimately taken care of.


Regulatory Compliance

Companies need to ensure compliance in order to officiate functionality and efficiently operate. Shepherd’s integrated modules help companies guarantee that their recruiting, hiring, procurement, auditing, and benefits administration processes are compliant and forward thinking this is done by automated reminders of any due dates and expiry dates for compliance forms. 

Employment Eligibility

Shepherd provides you with the tools necessary to verify, track and monitor employment authorization of your organizations individuals, constantly keeping you informed on immigration statuses and work permits. Your organization is notified prior to the expiration dates of employees work visas and permits allowing for timely renewals and global compliance. With Shepherd you are able to directly file the necessary documents needed to maintain and verify employment eligibility allowing for greater flexibility, while keeping your organization under the radar.

Corporate Structure

Shepherd brings your organizational and corporate structure to life, displaying company tier groups, your workforce can pinpoint their precise position in the organization while gaining an insight on top level management as well as their subordinates. Shepherd can display corporate structures from a wide variety of company locations while doing so in a interactive, visually appealing way.  

Custom HR Letters

Shepherd provides HR and management with predetermined, composed HR Letters. The letters can be customized and edited upon need and are catagorized accordingly while offering a wide variety of topics that HR and management might find the need to address in an automatic, almost instantaneous way.

Shared Document Manager

Shepherd offers HR and Management the ability to virtually edit, submit and manage all of their employee related documents digitally ultimately relieving them from the influx of paper documentation.

HR and Management are also provided the capability of automatically sharing important documents throughout the entire portal to all or specific employees, this in result notifies involved personnel of the need to access and acknowledge these specific documents in order to ensure compliance and awareness.