Our History

For more than a decade, Shepherd has been the leader in technology solutions and process management. Its leadership has expanded to the entire technology stack from on premise to cloud based solutions, data base architecture and work flow revolution. 

2000’s- The rise

Since inception, Shepherd has continually been rejuvenated in order to provide a high caliber, efficient all-inclusive talent management solution, that allows you to heighten visibility while lowering expenses in your organization, Easily. Continually engineering Shepherd, our teams ultimately gained an extensive amount of insight into the existing gaps and setbacks encountered while managing your human capital and all related processes. Given this, our highly skilled team strives to continuously bridge those gaps while providing much more value to your organization.

Shepherd Today

Shepherd is a key player in the talent management market today. We operate with the highest technology standards up to date and continually follow up on technological trends. Our teams are ever growing as we have expanded to multiple regions around the globe. Building our extensive talent pipeline, Shepherd now has an unparalleled team of project managers, architects, business analysts, marketing, public relations officers, quality assurance and customer support personnel. We have officially touched ground in many continents and continue to enlarge as our client list prospers.