Manager Self Service

To enable your company’s vision, mission, needs and priorities to align with your workforce’s task management. Shepherd provides a highly customizable Manager Self Service Module that can be adjusted to suit the industry you operate within, your company’s unique business activities and company’s management protocols. Our solution assists HR in tracking, monitoring and managing employee time, attendance and performance. By doing so, your company has an advantage by gaining the necessary insight to help increase productivity, optimize resource planning and enhance project management.

Data Visualization

It is an integrated set of employer branded applications thats powered by social, mobile and cloud technologies to engage employees from pre-hire to retire.

From talent acquisition and talent development, to the core of Human Capital, Shepherd® is driving engagement, retention, productivity, performance, while improving efficiency and increasing real-time visibility.

It is an integrated set of employer branded applications thats powered by social, mobile and cloud technologies to engage employees from pre-hire to retire.


Shepherd enables your employees to access their daily, weekly and monthly work timelines from any desired device, By using simple check-ins and outs with automatic date/time stamps. This gives HR a real-time update on labor hours and costs, enabiling them to accurately forecast upcoming payroll expenses and hiring needs.

The Attendance tracking system automatically syncs with Shepherd's personal Payroll, Billing and Project Management modules to ensure compliance throughout your organization. Company executives can now track and review attendance on a micro and macro level, helping them identify employees with perfect attendance and ones that fall short. 

Time & Expenses Management

Your employees and management will save much needed time and stress by using the straightforward Shepherd's Expense and Time Tracking features. These features provide employees the ability to review and submit their timesheets and expense forms readily and on the go.  Management is then able to rapidly comment on, edit, approve, and submit received expense and timesheets for further consideration.

This robust system allows HR to create absence guidelines and provides quicker reimbursements, lower costs, and more precise accounting processes. Shepherd seamlessly integrates its workforce tracking to benefit employees as well as management at each and every level.

Time Off Planning

With Shepherd your employees can effortlessly review their accrued time off in addition to taken and requested time off by using a real-time online calendar from any given device, employees are also able to request for time off, sick leave or unpaid leave with just a click of a button. HR and management then have the ablility to approve or deny any requests on the go, instantaneously.

Providing HR with a simple way of tracking and visualizing your company-wide time-off trends. Shepherd analysis prepares all this with ease and acceleration, while uncovering the overlooked causes of overtime, absenteeism, and low productivity. The system also enables management to utilize aggregated reports while easily tracking and comparing your employees’ time off and schedules.

Resource Planning

Shepherd’s system empowers HR and management to make more informed resource planning decisions -from providing insight to the number of items in inventory to resource allocation, tracking, transfer and release. Shepherd provides a complete overview of all resources on-hand, outsourced or needed. 

Shepherd securely connects multiple modules into one unified system to assist with collaborative planning, budgeting, and forecasting. Now HR and management can easily work together to make informative decisions regarding company resources quicker than ever.

Project Management

Shepherd’s intuitive Project Management module effectively plans, tracks and updates the progress of individual projects. Managers can allocate tasks and resources upon need, specific to each individual business activity.

Your employees can input task and workload progress accordingly. Additionally, Shepherd’s aggregation provides insights to help each team and project improve productivity.