An operating system for your people.

It offers an integrated set of employer branded applications that's powered by social, mobile and cloud technologies to track, engage and manage your employee's life cycles starting from pre-hire to retire.

From talent acquisition and talent development, to reshaping the core of Human Capital, Shepherd is driving engagement, retention, productivity and performance, all while improving efficiency and increasing real-time visibility.

It has the data.

Shepherd’s back-end database is designed to organize, analyze and prioritize every important piece of information. With a robust system that allows you to store and access your data needed. Shepherd has revolutionized the way you aggregate and consolidate information, our servers function at a rapid pace to deliver relevant data and information almost instantaneously.

It provides visualization.

Without informative and functional data, the business cloud is limited in its usefulness. Here at Shepherd we acknowledge the importance of keeping HR and management aware and informed on company wide trends and changes.Shepherd provides intuitive, interactive infographics, tables, and charts for viewing, tracking, and analyzing a company’s workforce. All data visualizations are updated in real-time to help business leaders easily understand their employment needs, gaps, and issues as well as current employee productivity trends.

It’s powered by apps.

Since inception, we designed our platform with mobile accessibility in mind. Every aspect of our web-based system integrates seamlessly with our Shepherd Mobile App. The mobile app complements and integrates with the web-based platform with mobile-exclusive functions, such as our Geo Location timestamp on all non-office (remote or on field) attendance clock-ins and outs. Our mobile app fosters engagement at any time, from anywhere, on the go.