Succession Planning

Shepherd allows companies to update their organizational succession planning efforts for each employee by continually developing and assigning succession strategies. Company leaders and HR can utilize Shepherd to identify potential upcoming leadership gaps and create, manage, analyze, and adjust succession plans accordingly, whether the role will be an internal or external hire or the result of restructure, Shepherd prepares your organization for the future.

Business Alignment

Shepherd utilizes strategic alignment, workforce analysis, competency modeling and gap analysis in order to compile and present your organization with strategies aimed to address any leadership or workforce gaps. Considering best practices from other organizations and your organizations succession planning goals, Shepherd enables your organization to build detailed plans recommending strategies that lessen the impact of institutional knowledge loss as employees retire and leave your organization. Shepherd maximizes current talent utilization and assists your employees with aligning themselves to your company's culture, vision and development goals. 

Succession Plans & Strategies

Shepherd helps HR and management identify and plan their core succession strategies. Allowing them to asses the advantages and drawbacks associated with each. With Shepherd HR and management are continually measuring and tracking future leaders competencies, skills and connection to company culture. By doing so, management is provided a heightened level of visibility into successor potential, enabling them to build detailed succession plans that include setting specific goals with milestone tracking and competency and skill building strategies.

Gap Analysis

With Shepherd HR and management are provided a tool that enables them to identify key positions within the organization. This allows management to pinpoint whether a successor has been identified and nurtured in order to fill these positions if the need arises. Shepherd's gap analysis allows management to determine the difference between the KSA's required for a specific job and the KSA's potential successors currently possess. Managers have access to aggregated employee data such as their performance scores, their competency rating, their retention risk ratings and their skill and competency levels.

Talent Identification & Readiness

Shepherd enables managers to identify, evaluate and nominate top talent for succession. The solution vigorously involves management in the talent review process, providing them with a tool that enables them to differentiate between candidate performance, potential and readiness. Managers can set expectations, establish development plans, accountabilities and metrics in order to assure that high potentials are identified and equipped for succession. Shepherd eases the process of high potential identification, allowing your managers to make educated investments throughout the nomination and development processes.

Successors Pool

Following the identification, evaluation and nomination of potential succession candidates, Shepherd offers you rich search options to identify these nominees and candidates company-wide. If there is an emergency push to fill a vacated position, management can aggregate data on which employee from your organizations talent pool is the most qualified to fill this vacancy. Information provided includes education, work history, performance reviews, aspirations, competency levels, problem solving abilities, learning potential, strengths, developmental imperatives, and leadership skills.