Performance Management

Tracking, analyzing, and elevating the performance and productivity of employees is imperative to success in business. Shepherd’s global performance management tools make this process easy, enjoyable, and effective for both employees, management, and HR.

Performance management elements like check-ins, goal setting, and development planning are built-in to all Shepherd modules and the aggregated data equips HR and company leaders to make key decisions affecting their workforce.

Performance Goals

Shepherd’s performance measurements feature allows management and HR to configure periodic or continuous tracking of each employee’s work activity and compare it to pre-set expectations.

Performance measurements include the percentage and completion rate of tasks and projects, delegation of work, adherence to budgets and expense restrictions, collaboration with co-workers, attendance, general productivity, and more within a set time period or ongoing basis. Interactive visualizations and textual overviews of each employee’s activity create the framework for performance reviews.

Competency Matrix

Companies and their leaders need to use goal-setting techniques to ensure their departments’ and teams’ goals are aligned with the overall objectives of their business.

The Shepherd performance management module helps management, HR, and company leaders create specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely goals, which along with visibility and transparency, are crucial for business processes to work effectively.

This feature is connected with the training, e-learning, leadership, coaching, and collaboration tools in the Shepherd platform to help management share materials and designate training courses in areas where their employees need to boost performance.

Performance Measurments & Gap Analysis

Oftentimes companies experience a gap between what skills or understanding they require an employee to exhibit and what the employee actually performs.Shepherd’s gap analysis helps HR and management clearly pinpoint where employees have gaps in their knowledge, abilities, work ethic, training, or skills and makes recommendations to fill the gaps. The gap analysis produces visuals that show larger workforce gaps that could potentially cause issues in the long run.

Self and Annual Appraisals

Shepherd enables employees to easily review their work, tasks, projects, collaboration, expenses and much more. They can pinpoint areas where they fell short, met, or exceeded goals and expectations and how successful or profitable specific projects and business activities were.

Aggregated data gives employees an honest understanding of how well they are doing at their job. They can use the Shepherd appraisals component to fill out a self review whenever one is requested, whether quarterly, annually, or following project completions.

Management and HR can request self-appraisals from employees and then review, comment, and share the appraisals. They are able to compose their own performance appraisals directed to employee performance and achievements. HR and management can use this feature to schedule in-person reviews with employees annually or as often as needed to discuss performance appraisals and career development opportunities.

360 Reviews & Feedbacks

Digital performance is a key component of most jobs in the modern economy. Employees need to be fluent and know how to effectively utilize many computer and mobile applications.

Many organizations, require their employees to be skilled at programming, graphic design, video editing, social media, database design or more.

With Shepherd's digital performance feature, management can track and asses employee’s digital and computer proficiencies and skills in order to make suggestions for improvements as well as training.

Quality Improvements

Improving the quality of employee work is an ongoing process for every enterprise. Shepherd empowers company leaders to lead by example from the top by setting quality control measures and appraisals for their workforce.

From company letters to balanced budgets to impactful hiring processes, small quality designations can make a huge difference. Shepherd helps employees and management track projects and performance measures so they are able to communicate and collaborate to improve the overall quality of work.

Rewards & Recognition

The performance management module simplifies identifying and comparing each employee’s accomplishments and achievements relative to established metrics and goals. These performance comparisons are also generated for individual departments, teams, or offices.

Shepherd makes giving rewards and formal recognitions for any type of work activity easier than ever - based on unbiased, aggregated data. Employees know that the Shepherd platform is a fair equalizer for their achievemements.

Talent Readiness and Acquisition

Shepherd’s talent readiness feature enables management and HR to access employee’s individual talents and skill sets as related to their current projects or job descriptions and for future promotions or new job openings.

Shepherd automatically generates recommended trainings, certifications, and e-learning materials that enable individual employees to build on their qualifications, allowing them to acquire their company’s desired skills and capacities.

This feature aggregates and categorizes jobs that the employees will become qualified or suited for once trainings and certifications are completed and attained.