Career Development

Companies need to empower their employees to further their learning, refine their work tactics, develop new skills, and ultimately become qualified for promotion. Shepherd’s platform is designed with this employee empowerment mentality at the core, so that every module complements your employees ultimate career development.

Career Path & Planning

Advance long-term planning for each employee's career path is crucial for retaining high potential talent. When HR and the employee are on the same page with the trajectory of their individual career, the employee feels more secure in their job, more motivated on current projects, more invested in future work, and more confident in the company's activities.

Shepherd's platform equips HR to make this process cohesive through clear and accelerated career plans and constant proficiency and training assessments for selected employees.

Leadership Development

Companies need to consistently strategize their employees career development, especially when it comes to gaining leadership skills and experience. Shepherd recognizes that this is a very important part of every company’s success, so our platform allows HR to track each employee’s key competencies, trainings, work experience, interests, and career goals.

Shepherd eases the process of recommending specific trainings, coaching, and building new job skill requirements, along with targeting employees for new and pre existing job openings.

Development Goals & Strategies

Shepherd’s training and development features allow HR and management to post training courses, videos, documents, surveys and conduct live online training sessions, whether created internally or externally, for employees’ easy access through the My365 self-service module on a computer or mobile device.

Employees can utilize the materials when they have available time and HR and management can track each employee’s progress, success and completion rate, while measuring the effectiveness of the content on performance and development.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence has a huge impact on the success of each employee and the company as a whole. When employees can recognize their own and their co-workers emotions, frustrations, and inadequacies and label them properly, they can guide thinking and behavior and help adapt emotions to meet organizational expectations.

High emotional intelligence usually means better job performance, leadership skills, and mental health. Shepherd has built in functionalities so that employees can confidentially track their emotional intelligence status, reflect on their co-workers attitudes, and request management assistance to help with company inclusivity.