Shepherd was founded in 2011 by a group of entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and technology experts who have been providing custom solutions to a range of multinational companies. Built on its foundation, Shepherd operates globally and offers revolutionized solutions that aim to transform the way enterprises operate and do business.

Message from the CEO

At Shepherd we offer you a solution that aims to transform your business while allowing you to utilize your workforce more effectively and productively. Since its inception, Shepherd has vowed to offer a highly intuitive interface that provides you with all the necessary tools needed to reduce time as well as costs.

Automated workflows that are specifically tailored to your individual company’s needs allow us to ensure that everyone in your organization is engaged, informed and efficient. Shepherd exists to make your company perform in a stress free environment, to its highest caliber, continuously optimizing your organizational capabilities.

Built on...
A solid foundation

Our team members have an all encompassing array of knowledge and experience, merging backgrounds including  HR, technology, IT, process management and business intelligence. Contributing and working together seamlessly to develop a highly intuitve Talent Management Solution, built to bridge the gaps in today's legacy systems. 

We believe that team work is essential to modern day life and we work to continually build bonds that promote strength, reliability, support and unity. Team work being the glue that keeps our teams together, we have always exhibited smoother movements towards our achievements while prolonging our forward looking mentality and momentum.

We’re called HR Geeks

The ability to offer data integration and a practical application to HR is our fortitude. We engineered Shepherd to be knowledgeable and intuitive, allowing you to revolutionize the way you optimize internal as well as external business processes.