Jobs & Candidates

Efficient recruitment and requisition enables your organization to maintain the upper hand in its industry. Whether it is to find and hire top talent or speed up and optimize the process of requisition, with Shepherd you are handed the HR solutions. By providing a gain of insight into your current talent pool and talent gaps, Shepherd allows you to recruit the best talent before your competition while fostering collaboration, communication and engagement across your organization.

Job Requisition Wizard

Shepherd’s Hiring Wizard can be accessed across your chosen device as soon as management seeks new talent. The wizard facilitates HR’s desire to post and publish job vacancies to extensive job distribution networks allowing for timely efficiency when identifying, attracting, and on boarding needed human capital prior to your competitors.

Management and HR can review CVs while commenting on and rating applicant capabilities, ultimately identifying candidates that are fit to assist your company in achieving its overall strategic objectives. Shepherd also provides automated candidate offers in order to ease the process of reaching out and recruiting qualified talent.

Smart Candidates Pool

Far more than any standard applicant tracking system (ATS), Shepherd’s aggregated candidate pool allows management to engage in an extensive search, while easing the recruitment process for potential and outstanding job candidates before your competition. Shepherd compares qualifications available from each applicant's Social Network profiles, previous work samples and experience. 

Providing HR and management with a resourceful advantage while seeking out potential talent both internally and externally. Shepherd continually provides in-depth recruiting analytics and visibility into your company’s complete talent pipeline.

Digital Interviews

Shepherd offers on-demand video interviews with potential hires, this feature increases overall functionality while allocating time and cost-effectively. This allows management to schedule virtual meetings with applicants at their earliest convenience. Allowing for greater flexibility and efficiency throughout the interview process.

Job Boards & Social Media Integration

Shepherd offers your company the opportunity to customize and structure the way you seek out your job candidates. By posting several job openings to an extensive online job distribution network, Shepherd offers your company the advantage of partnering with many esteemed job distribution sites such as Simply Hired,, Glassdoor, The Ladders,,, and thousands more.

Allowing you to access top talent prior to your competition, Shepherd utilizes several social media platforms in order to leverage and inform applicants of the need and search for talent. Shepherd’s Social Media Integration feature offers your company an opportunity to cut advertising costs while expediting and officiating the recruitment and hiring processes.

Talent Skills Optimization

All applicants are vetted in the Shepherd system based on their skills, accomplishments, degrees, certifications, and experiences. This enables HR to clearly recognize and acknowledge candidates that have exceeded and fulfilled their job requirements in order to initiate compensation measures as well as succession planning.

Talent Attraction & Acquisition

Shepherd enables HR to closely collaborate with various talent recruiters. As optimal candidates are identified, Shepherd assists management in effortlessly connecting with prospects in a meaningful and cost efficient manner. Since recruiting is a collective effort, Shepherd works across all your devices, fostering cooperation and communication between all parties involved at all times.

Hot Match and Virtual Resumes

Using a fine-tuned talent and skills optimization software, Shepherd continually assesses the top candidates for each position, virtually presenting their resumes in an all inclusive, sleek, informative digital format, enabling management to effortlessly access and review it across various devices including desktop or Shepherd Mobile.

Referral System

Shepherd offers its clients a comprehensive referral system that connects various entities into a network of cooperation.
Allowing you to access referrals through emails, list servers and so on, Shepherd gives your organization the upper hand when it comes to involving everyone in building a winning team through great referrals.

Shepherd allows you to set up a referral bonus program in your organization, to encourage intra placement and mentoring programs for employees referred. Our referral system is global in coverage but customized to fit your organization's local needs.

Job Hiring Campaigns

Our solution enables you to leverage the power of Social Media tools. Your organization can distribute your hiring content far and wide allowing you to expand your candidate search and job postings to major niche social media sites and communities. Shepherd also allows you to collaborate with external organizations such as colleges and universities to ensure your company's presence at major career fairs, events and campaigns. Shepherd creates an inbound talent pipeline of viable candidates.