Shepherd Partners

The Shepherd partner network is comprised of a diverse group of industry-leading companies with unique and innovative technologies and services, Our extensive network empowers companies to take advantage of an incredible range of resources to utilize, analyze, and connect their data and make quicker and more informed decisions to achieve and exceed their business goals.


The Shepherd Partner Network includes:


Channel Partners

Shepherd has a high impact strategy for supporting and strengthening its partner's businesses. We aim for strong resilient partnerships to help us leverage Shepherd in optimizing multiple brands talent management. By offering channel partner programs, our partners benefit from profitability, growth and support.


Technology partners

Shepherd partners with some of the best technology and data vendors available. We do so to fully conversant our staff with the relevant technology environments while providing them with deeper and more focused skill sets so that we are capable of bringing our high end solution to our clients across the globe.


Implementation partners

We have built an extensive partner program that enables us to partner with leading system integrators, consulting agencies, implementation and deployment experts. Shepherd has the necessary tools to empower our partners and deliver a value-driven metrics to our customers while accelerating partner ROI. 


Strategic Partners

Shepherd partners with motivated and goal-driven strategic partners to devise a short and long term strategy that aims to continuously increase global coverage while sharing physical and intellectual resources to achieve our defined common objective that leads to strategic growth and success.

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