Shepherd is designed for a globalized economy where companies are able to use its platform to pay employees around the world in different currencies, negotiate country-specific contracts, follow unique local regulations, attain special work visas, stipulate regional benefits and time off packages, while seamlessly supporting a range of languages. 

On-The-Ground Understanding

Our solution gives employees an avenue to communicate clearly with management and HR from any location at any time.

Shepherd helps business leaders gain an on-the-ground understanding of their human capital efforts and concerns on a worldwide basis; this leads to much more efficient workflow management as well as a holistic approach to successfully managing your employees life cycles.

Global Force

Shepherd provides multinational organizations the ability to track and access a vast array of all employee related information. Providing your company with a simple way of pinpointing how each individual office contributes to company-wide goals. Our platform cohesively unites a company’s global workforce.