Shepherd Modules offer end-to-end cloud-based talent management solutions that enables organizations to connect, engage, manage and grow their employees competencies.

Jobs & Candidates

Efficient recruitment and requisition enables your organization to maintain the upper hand in its industry. Whether it is to find and hire top talent or speed up and optimize the process of requisition, with Shepherd you are handed the solution. By providing a gain of insight into your current talent pool and talent gaps, Shepherd allows you to recruit the best talent before your competition while fostering collaboration, communication and engagement across your organization.

On/Off Boarding

We recognize the importance of protecting your recruitment investments; Shepherd operates to ensure this and beyond. By offering a revolutionary solution to all of your company's on and off boarding processes, Shepherd has reshaped workflows to maximize efficiency in processes needed prior to hire until point of retire. With Shepherd we guarantee you will tackle any and all administrative matters beforehand, offering you ease throughout attracting, retaining and engaging your employees.

Employee Self Service

Employee engagement should ripple through your organization, and what better way to ensure this than Shepherd's Self Service Module. By offering your employees a quick visualization of their time, attendance, career development and performance, you ultimately allow them to self assess their progress within your organization, Shepherd allows your workforce to adopt initiative, compliance and motivation. By putting your faith in your workforce, they will put their faith in your organization.

Human Capital Manager

Since people are your organization's most important asset it is essential to manage them proactively and efficiently. Shepherd enables you to do so by empowering your workforce, motivating their capabilities and applying a consistent, engaging social experience across all your organization. Allowing you to transform the way you relate to your team, By offering you in depth visibility within all of your organization, Shepherd has brought back the Human to HR.

Manager Self Service

To enable your company’s vision, mission, needs and priorities to align with your workforce’s task management. Shepherd provides a highly customizable Manager Self Service Module that can be adjusted to suit the industry you operate within, your company’s unique business activities and company’s management protocols. Our solution assists HR in tracking, monitoring and managing employee time, attendance and performance. By doing so, your company has an advantage by gaining the necessary insight to help increase productivity, optimize resource planning and enhance project management.

Payroll and Compensation

Shepherd offers you a vital and efficient method of paying employees in a timely and accurate manner. The payroll and compensation module is integrated into the functioning of every other module offered, insuring that any applied taxes, benefits, deductions or compensations are evident on employee pay slips. Payroll is automatically updated and HR is instantaneously notified in case adjustments or approvals are required.

Performance Management

Tracking, analyzing, and elevating the performance and productivity of employees is imperative to business success. Shepherd’s global performance management make this process easy, enjoyable, and effective for both employees, management, and HR. Performance management tools like check-ins, goal setting, and succession planning are built-in to all Shepherd modules and the aggregated data equips HR and company leaders to make key decisions affecting their workforce.

Succession Planning

Shepherd allows companies to update their organizational succession planning efforts for each employee by continually developing and assigning succession strategies. Company leaders and HR can utilize Shepherd to identify potential upcoming leadership gaps and create, manage, analyze, and adjust succession plans accordingly, whether the role will be an internal or external hire or the result of restructure, Shepherd prepares your organization for the future.

Career Development

Companies need to empower their employees to further their learning, refine their work tactics and develop new skills, to become qualified for promotion. Shepherd’s platform is designed with employee empowerment mentality at the core, so that every module complements your employees ultimate career development allowing them to nurture their skills and build on them.

Learning & Coaching

Organizations need to consistently engage with their employees on the learning front in order to improve productivity. Employees want to grow their skills in a meaningful, practical way, but not in a pressure filled process. Shepherd offers features that allows employees and management to easily locate, discuss, share, rate, and recommend e-learning and training content with their co-workers and subordinates. Shepherd delivers a rich and meaningful learning experience for everyone in your organization. Shepherd enables managers and company leaders to promote ongoing learning campaigns while delegating employee mentors to create a coaching regiment for skill development.

Business Intelligence

Shepherd has transformed the way analytics are collected and analyzed, leaving you more informed than ever, Shepherd bridges the gap in knowledge absence, providing you with all technical and analytical data necessary for your personnel to make decisions based on real time data rather than assumptions. Customizable relevant data is accessible from any device at any time, enabling you to tackle opportunities proactively. Business leaders are able to access and customize aggregate reports, that provide them with a holistic and in depth view of all work related matters, keeping them constantly informed and aware.